1st Feb 2022


Late Dog Policy

No Show Policy

Last Minute Cancellation Policy


Please keep an eye on your appointments. We do try our best to contact you the day before to remind you, but some people are either out of coverage or don't listen to their voice messages and miss out on these reminders.


We allocate at least an hour and a half per groom. If someone fails to show the groomer still has to be paid regardless as we are unable to fill these time slots at short notice.


Cancellations. We require 24 hours notice of any cancellations.


Late Dog Policy. If you are 10 minutes late we will do our best to contact you, but there will be a Late Fee of $10.


No Show Policy/Last Minute Cancellation Policy. If you fail to show, show up later than 10 minutes, or cancel on the same day as your groom there will be a $32 No Show/ Last Minute Cancellation Fee PER DOG added to your next groom.


Repeats. If you are a repeat offender you will be asked to pay half of your groom in advance at the time you make the next booking.


We have a waiting list of people wanting to get their dogs groomed so giving us 24 hours notice enables us to help them out as well as ensuring our groomers aren't having their valuable time wasted.


We regret putting these measures in place but have been forced to do so after repeated incidences.


Thank you for your understanding.